Haarvard Helmen is all about results. His understanding of leadership, business, execution, peak performance, and human change psychology makes him a valuable asset for any company or individual that wants to create new extraordinary results. Haarvard has worked in the personal development industry for almost 3 decades, with a recent focus on the understanding of neuroscience in the context of organizational and cultural change.

Many of Haarvard’s clients have experienced an increase of 200-300% in both revenue and profit growth. He has personally coached more than 1000 people in his career, including everything from top executives in Scandinavia’s largest companies to small-medium size companies and personal engagements.

Haarvard Helmen is a former CEO of several companies, one of which was subsequently listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. He is a speaker, serial entrepreneur, and for the past decade has worked as an Executive Corporate Coach for more than 40 companies. He has a track record of proven results and specializes in leadership, business execution, sales, and behaviour change psychology.