Wayne Clancy is the Founder and CEO of MindSuiteMetrics, City Possibilities and inventor of the MindSuiteTM Human Science GPS Platform.

The MindSuite GPS (Global Possibilities System) provides organizations and communities with a simple and powerful view of  their culture and the associated outcomes (i.e. innovation, strategy, culture, decision making, wellness, resilience etc.), through data, that they have with their operational and financial systems.

This is applied to all types (and complexities) of relationships within and between organizations and communities and includes extensive experience in healthcare, corporations, sustainability, education, and communities.

These revolutionary tools support co-creation, enable conversations, deliver a rich and private experience, automate data collection, and manage ‘big data’ so that it becomes ‘smart data’.

His work with NY Times #1 Best Selling Author John King (Tribal Leadership) has produced easy to use ‘predictive performance and culture analytics’ that apply to communities and business. Currently Wayne is co-authoring the follow-up to Tribal Leadership with John and they are calling it the ‘Tribal Possibilities’ Initiative.

The GPS integrates complex themes into a simple and easy to use model and includes constructs such as innovation, collaboration, strategy, decision-making, culture, engagement, humanity, wellness, resilience and many others.

Wayne has also initiated many philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping ‘people work better together’. His work with Arizona State University Project Humanities is in the process of creating ‘The Business Case for Humanity’ by cross-referencing key interpersonal factors with performance factors and help organizations of all types understand that they can support greater engagement and do that profitably.