Our employee analytics get deep into the culture of your business. Driving your employees to achieve success starts with understanding their personalities, interests, learning styles, and priorities - and ultimately leveraging their strengths. Creating an environment from which human development can flourish requires a holistic perspective - something only human analytics provides.
Customers are the core of every business yet many small and medium businesses hardly understand them. Integrating employee analytics with customer analytics into the same system creates alignment like you've never seen before, as well as help crystallize your vision.
Yes, we have developed analytics that actually quantify and track cultural changes. Powered by our partnership with Mindsuite Analytics, if you want true organizational transformation and cultural change, our data and dashboard is the perfect foundation to track and measure the transformation.
We have analytics and statistical models built around culture, innovation, loyalty, strategy, humanity, agility, engagement, and reputation - and that's barely scratching the surface.