Learning Entrepreneurial Success through Speaking Events

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June 4, 2018

Learning from the success of others provides a key opportunity to expand knowledge of possibilities and excite new visions for success.

Last night I had the privilege of attending an incredible speaking event hosted by several highly successful entrepreneurs. The speakers included CEO of Contrast Coaching and Consulting, Christine Nielsen as well as New York City real estate moguls Anthony Lolli and Carlos Angelucci of Rapid Realty.

The event focused on enlisting entrepreneurs and business owners with the right business and mental tools to extend their chances of attaining success and reaching their full potential. At the end of the event, I had valuable opportunity to network with highly ambitious and successful business people in an array of fields and industries.

Anthony and the Rapid Realty team contributed significant value to the event and to those in attendance with their highly energetic and informative presentation, drawing on lessons learned from the process of becoming one of New York City’s largest and most successful real estate firms. Their highly metaphoric presentation style allowed the audience to easily digest and understand the content they put forth while maintaining a light and upbeat atmosphere.

Those in attendance further enhanced the event experience with their eagerness to learn and high levels of engagement during the Q & A period. Participants during this time did not hesitate to stand up and share their business stories, including areas where they needed guidance and improvement. Anthony, Carlos, and Christine all chipped in with their individual expertise to answer these questions with on the spot coaching and business advice, significantly benefiting everyone in attendance.

I learned several key entrepreneurial lessons from this experience that I plan to apply and draw upon throughout my business future. The speakers provided many compelling insights into running an entrepreneurial business and flipped past notions to create completely new perspectives. These were my biggest takeaways for entrepreneurial success:

#1 Be shameless in your sales approach

Anthony and Carlos stressed the importance of setting aside ego and fear of rejection in order to open yourself up to as many client opportunities as possible. By doing so you increasingly move toward generating greater growth and sales. We often place limits on opportunity by restricting our belief of who we can and can’t do business with. However, in reality, we won’t know until we actually try and frequently avoiding to pitch to certain people will eventually negate your business as a whole.

#2 Be mentally prepared for challenges

In order to set ourselves up for continued success, we must prepare our environment by letting our family, friends, and business team know about our goals and action plans. By doing so, we increase our accountability to deliver on promises and set a positive scene for encouragement. The best way to negate challenges is with the actions you take before problems occur. We must go all in and give an extended effort in order to create a catalyst for challenges, reducing their impact and effectiveness as they come up. Along with preparation, developing a strong sense of resiliency to push through roadblocks will further increase our ability to come out on top and develop principles through the experience.

#3 Have great structure

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to become distracted and fail to follow through with tasks simply because it’s their nature to go big and continually take on new ideas. However, if we don’t devise strong to-do lists and place responsibility on ourselves to deliver, things simply won’t get done and the business will suffer. We must also constantly revise our to-do lists as needed in order to become as effective as possible. Additionally, we must avoid avoid shifting tasks to the next hour or day as this creates the perfect recipe for becoming off track with our goals and failing to complete critical business tasks.


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