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October 6, 2018

Is there truly a way to become an Entrepreneur without suffering?

So many coaches and experts today tell you this: You need to be smarter, faster and more efficient in your business and….smarter, faster, more efficient than your competitors. Yes this is true! But HOW? And at what Cost?

There are books, and podcasts and videos, and blogs ad infinitum (I too have all of these, listen to experts daily, and have my client’s do the same). So many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the key concepts of running their business and what type of help they need to make things work and to really make it happen for them. The rate of anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue are higher today than they ever have been! The promises of being an entrepreneur are so glorified, everyone wants to work from the beach on their laptop or be a digital Nomad. But what we aren’t talking about is the high costs of running your own business.

‘Being’ is smarter & more efficient way for your success

The high cost of running a business are:

  • Lack of Sleep, Increased Stress – and a constant pressure to put more hours in to get it all done
  • Financial rollercoaster
  • Elevated Depression, loneliness, and anxiety

What do we suggest you do about all of this?

We see one of the biggest problems with being an Entrepreneur or business owner, is that most of us are focused on tasks, and what we are doing or not doing to ensure success of our business. We rarely focus on our “Being” which dictates what is and what is not possible in our business. If our thinking is that we need to do things Smarter/Faster/More Efficient instead of focusing on tactical strategies, consider looking at what is driving our behaviours. Typically people look at the processes, and procedures of their company. What if that is backwards? What if we told you that the context of your business needs to be transformed? Changing the state at which you perceive the problem vs. “gutting it out” will free you up from much of the self induced pressure and anxiety that a business owner faces today.

How to change the way we look at our business so that it truly is Smarter/Faster/More Efficient and you are less stressed?

We can provide you with some simple things to help you, and it won’t make any difference until you start to examine “how you think about your current state” of your business. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed or that it’s never going to be all done, then you are probably right. It won’t be. If your thoughts around the results of your business are negative and you have an experience that you are “Never” going to succeed or your “Can’t” get what you want. You are right. You won’t. Consider the following concepts:

  1. Your results are shaped by your actions.
  2. Your actions are shaped by your emotions.
  3. Your emotions are shaped by your thoughts.
  4. All of this creates your “Belief System” which creates what is possible and what is not possible. It’s self Limiting or Expanding depending on the way you are thinking about your business or circumstances.

This is not necessarily news to you. What is news, is that you have a say in how you think about your business. It’s your job to actually create a new level of awareness to understand exactly what thoughts are really running your business. It’s very simple. If who you are “Being” is confident that your will succeed and you will have the growth you desire. Then your relationship to your results and the actions to you take to achieve those results will be consistent with what you want. It starts with understanding how you are currently looking at the issue.

How to be Faster/Smarter/More Efficient?

It’s quite simple and even as you read this, you will want to argue with it. That is simply how your brain is wired. You change the way you perceive your business, which will change the way you feel and the actions you then take to accomplish your dreams. Make certain you actually answer these simple questions:

  • What Do I Really Want? (Vision)
  • Why Do I Want that? (Emotion)
  • What Difference Will it make? (Emotion)
  • What do I need to do to make it Happen? (Action)
  • Who Do I need to enrol? (People)
  • When Do I want it by? (Results)

If you want your business to be Smarter/Faster/More Efficient then doing this exercise every day with real actions, and real results will move you to your goals 30x’s faster than “gutting it out”. What’s the catch? Your wiring in your brain will have you fall back into habits and patterns that get in the way of your success. Track your thoughts, and invent new thoughts several times a day. This practice alone will keep you on track with what you really want. The best way we know how to do this is by getting yourself a great coach…..but that depends on how badly you want to succeed without suffering.

If you are finding that starting your business is causing you heightened levels of anxiety and stress. If you feel like you are “gutting it out” or “grinding” and the joy has slipped away from why you started this in the first place, consider these simple techniques to get you back on track with what you truly want. Take pauses. Let go of your self limiting thoughts and beliefs and invent a new way of thinking, acting and being. I promise, you can have everything you want! You can do it Smarter/Faster & More Efficient.

Christine Nielsen is a master coach and an expert at helping organizations and individuals achieve greater levels of performance and success.
    Christine Nielsen is a master coach and an expert at helping organizations and individuals achieve greater levels of performance and success.

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