THE Coach in Your Pocket Show 

Be a trend-setter. Start anew with your business. Be different than the cacophony of startups around you vying for attention in a crowded and competitive world. Building your business is hard work, but it's also rewarding. Now learn how to keep achieving extraordinary results while blazing new trails! Check out the Coach in Your Pocket show because reinvention starts here Christine Nielsen has changed her own life after an exhilarating career specializing in business transformation, and leadership where she has won major awards and spoken alongside leading experts like Tony Robbins, Russel Brunsen and JT Foxx. She knows what it takes to stand out.

The Coach in Your Pocket show is all about reinvention, rebuilding your purpose from the ground up for growth and resilience. Christine Nielsen will help you find your next steps to deliver results with her unique combination of stories of struggle and discovery. She's here to help you break free-of bad habits, fear, or anything else that is holding you back from success.

Every day, entrepreneurs are faced with the question of “What does winning look like to me?” We know that growing a sustainable business is about more than making money. But how can you build an enduring company and leave a lasting legacy without sacrificing your own sanity, wellness, or relationships? Maybe it’s time for something different...maybe it’s time for The Coach in Your Pocket show.

Finding the success that you’re after can be an uphill battle. Finding your purpose, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air—freeing you from all constraints and old systems to explore what happiness looks like for you. Propelled by her personal experience in this field and determined to inspire others through truth-telling, Christine Nielsen offers uplifting direction on how to crack the code for success and find “the one thing” that nobody else sees when it comes to living authentically (even if that means giving up something we thought we wanted). Whether looking for enlightenment or strategies to increase top line revenues, Nielsen has plenty of answers backed by real experience.

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